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While Civil Solutions (UK) has considerable experience in the design and assessment of concrete structures, it’s special abilities are in providing solutions which require original applications of less common materials and techniques.

Our experience of both Civil Engineering, Engineering Research, Computer System Management and Personnel Management makes possible solutions which could otherwise only be developed by a team of people, who would often find it difficult to talk to one another because of the large cultural and linguistic gaps in the training of the various disciplines.

For initial assessment of possible novel solutions in the strengthening, repair or monitoring of civils structures, Civil Solutions can often provide a more cost effective approach than trying to develop staff in areas of new expertise. Training of in-house staff can therefore be targeted at those areas where success is more likely to be assured.

Working with one of the foremost UK experts in Traffic Management, we can provide traffic visualisation using the Paramics modelling system.

After so many years prodding ‘the grey stuff’, it is now time to retire.  Hence I will be undertaking only voluntary work for charities or ‘Good Causes’, or non-attributable work of a particularly interesting nature (ie my PI Insurance no longer covers new works)

Many thanks to all those colleagues and friends that I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with through my career.